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CNA Practice Test

How can I make a CNA Practice Test

Are you planning on becoming a certified nursing assistant? Studying sample questions for the CNA Practice Test is a good way to prep for the test. Studying for the test doesn’t have to be difficult for hard. Just setting aside a hour a day for studying can really make all the difference in passing or not.

To full fill you dream of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant you need topractice taking a practice test. The certification exam consists of two parts, a practical part and a written part. To ensure you pass this exam you are going to want to make a practice test coving these areas. You want to write down about 100 questions for the written part. You can make them multiple choise because that is what is most likely on you real test. Make sure it covers record keeping, protocolos, lab work, procedures, and patient care. A good place to get this basic information is from your work books or sample materials, handouts etc. Making a good practice test and having good study habits is key to passing the CNA exam it self.

A good way to make your own cna practice test is to open up and copy questions from you work book. I like to make flash card for my for mine. Looking over these flash card will really make you a lot more familiar with the content you studying. You can download free cna practice tests as well. These well help you with the way questions will be asked.

Now, studying the written materials is only one part of the test. You will need to perform a hands-on portion as well to pass the exam. You can use anyone to help you with this part. You will need to practice moving the patient, turning them over safely, changing bedding, taking vitals all while being watched by the examiners.

Studying your practice test, and reviewing questions from your course material is the best way to ensure passing your CNA exam. You will understand how the questions on the real test are asked and get a good feel for what is being asked of you. By being prepared, and knowing the content you will feel confident in passing your exam. This is also a great way if you are already a certified nursing assistant, to study for advancing in your career.

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