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CNA Training really free

Is Free CNA Training really free?

Most people would have you believe that everything in life has a price, and that price is what you pay to get what it is your asking for. So why would that be any different in CNA Training? Well if you think that you’ll be missing out on Free CNA Training. That’s right, Free CNA Training. Just think becoming a certified nursing assistant, and not paying the high price for school. Sounds to good to be true? Well it’s not.

There are some rules and requirements to meet however. For example the Oklahoma State Department of Heath worked with Tulsa community college and the department of career and technology to make a fund of $371,000 to cover the cost of training for about 1000 CNA students for the year 2010.

Now you might not live in Oklahoma but you might want to check out your state for similar acts and programs. The fines and penalties collected from nursing homes and other facilities are put together to pay for these training classes. Now if your state is not a state that has these programs, then you might want to check with local nursing homes or nursing facilities. These places often have free clinic and hold free classes. Sometimes you could even get an internship in exchange for the free training.

Now if you checking with the local nursing homes you will find for sure free training, because most homes are understaffed and looking for new CNA’s to hire. Of course there is a small catch if you call it that. In returen for you free cna classes and training, you will have to sign a small contract to work for them for up to 6 months. Thats six months after you get your certification. But really thats not a bad trade for a job that is in such high demand, and don’t forget the free cna training.

You can see that there are many ways to receive the free training necessary to become a certified nursing assistant. You may want to check with the CNA/HHA scholarship programs as well. They sponsor free CNA and HH training to individuals that are qualified in the field of certified nursing assistant.

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