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What to expect with your CNA Training

What to expect with your CNA Training

Your CNA Training will be split between classroom time and hands on training. Your training will usually be held at a local college or medical facility and take between 100 and 150 hours to complete. This time frame is to complete the on the job training as well as all your classroom training. There is almost an endless list of items coverned in your cna training classes. Including patient care and handling, legal training and issues, the rights and responsibilities of an CNA, training on the use of medical equipment, bathing techniquies, feeding and emergency procedurs just to name a few. CPR is usually taught but no always.

Depending on where you live your schooling could cost from 1000 to 2000 dollars. Depending on your financial situation you could get financial aid to cover your costs, of course you’ll need to speak to a financial aid specialist. You could even get your cna training free, but those programs are few and far between. You should really check out all the programs to see what fits you the best. For example there are some government programs that if you meet all the criteria you could get some or all of your training free. In New York the city department of education for Adult programs has free training, in addition to some ROTC programs, as well as in Montana there are programs to move the “Homemaker” into the workforce. Like I said though, few and far between, and lots of “Red Tape”. Still its possible to get free training.

Now as soon as you complete your cna training program, you will need to take and pass your certification exam. Once you pass this exam you become certified as a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. Most of the time you can get your testing matterials or information from the school you attended. You can also contact the nealth board of your state or contact the National nurse Aide Assessment program or NNAAP for more information on taking your exam.

With the nation in a recession and people losing there jobs, you may find yourself reexamining your career and possibly taking the steps to a totaly new proffession. It doesn’t matter if your new to the work force or one of millions of people looking for work, trying to make ends meet in this crappy economy, getting the training and becoming a certified nursing assistant could be what you are looking for to get started in a new and exciting career. Even if you are thinking of moving to another state, your training can come in handy. Though your need to get recertified for additional states, your training will be mostly the same. So you can feel at ease knowing that you can move just about anywhere and still have job secuity because of your specialized training.

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