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Certified Nursing Assistant

The Responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant

The responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant varies from one location to another. For Example, a CNA’s responsibilities at a nursing home will be very different from a hospital. While some CNA positions require very little physical activity while others require a ton.

A CNA is a professional, you must have the ability to carry out routine direction and have the understanding to related these sometimes complex things to others including patients. You need to be able to go the extra mile and cooperate well with others. Following a prescribed routine is very important, and the patients privacy is by far the most important thing to take seriously. Lastly your professional appearance, and personal hygiene or cleanliness is a must.

With that out of the way, the Certified Nursing Assistants must provide the proper care and understanding of their patients. This includes the daily care, and assistance with getting dressed, moving around, eating and other activities. As a professional CNA your responsibilities also include keeping up on patient files, logging patient information, record keeping of vital signs, and monitoring there weight.

A Nursing Assistant has the responsibility to report patient information to your head nurse or supervisor. A CNA is the eyes and ears for all the attending nurses. This job is not for everyone. To do you job well you must be a professional. You are expected to be caring, responsible, patient, understanding and above all “Professional”.

As a nurse assistant you need to expect a level of physical activity as part of your job. Though you don’t need to be a famous body builder or trainer but you need to be in good enough shape to be able to help your patients not hinder them. The most common satisfaction from being a Certified Nursing Assistant is knowing that your helping others and your a critical part of the overall well being of there lives. Good pay and an abundance of jobs makes job security and a career that is giving back something to feel good about.

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