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Tips on Passing the CNA Exam

Tips on Passing the CNA Exam

Tips on Passing the CNA Exam
One of the final steps after your training and before becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is taking the CNA exam. There are two parts to the CNA exam, the written part and a clinical part. You need to have a volunteer with you to take the exam. This is a “dummy” person to show the skills that you learned from your CNA Training and the clinical studies from the instructor. The written test is a mix of skills you learned on hand, the knowledge you learned in your training classes as well as your common sense.

You may find yourself nervous taking the test. Don’t, most people will tell you the written part of the exam is a breeze. Don’t get me wrong you still need to study your course notes from your Certified Nursing Assistant training classes and make sure your prepared, just don’t sweet the small stuff. If your like me and dread taking tests. You should try and remember if you come across a multiple choice questions that you are having a hard time with just start with eliminating the answers that you know are wrong. This could leave you with a 50 50 chance, that is better then 25 present. (1 of 4 possibilities) The the next best thing to do if you still can’t decide, is to just go with you gut feeling or best guess. You will be surprised, more often then not your first guess is the right one.

The clinical part of the test will go over the skills you learned from your hands on training. Be expected to demonstrate basic nursing assistant skill like taking vital signs. Just remember to relax and take your time. Other common items that come up on the test is showing the proper way to move a patient, demonstrating the proper hand washing techniques and showing your skills in the proper making and changing a bed.
Red Cross CNA Training is well known for preparing you well for the testing. Other ways to increase you chances for passing your exam is to look through some free training classes online. A lot of testing exams are now offered online. So if you have a busy schedule you can take your test online working around your schedule and work hours.

Just remember not to worry or stress to much about the CNA exam. Whats the worst that can happen? You don’t pass. You can just take it again. Just remember all the classes, studying, reading, and so on have given you the skills and confidence to be a professional nurse assistant. This opens the doors to a new long lasting career that has good wages, and excellent work environment not to mention the personal satisfaction of helping others. After completing your exam, you should feel proud that your making a difference to the patients your are caring for by working in the Certified Nursing Assistant field.

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