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What kind of CNA Salary can I expect?

What kind of CNA Salary can I expect?

The cna salary is determined by many factors. First certified nursing assistants need to complete there cna training and pass there cna exam in order to get there cna certification. The cna certification is the first step to insuring you get the best salary in your market place. Basically certified nursing assistants start out making more money then just a un-certified nursing assistant, not to mention a job that is secure.

You may think that a CNA doesn’t make much money but what they may not make in money, they make up in job stibility and security. If you making a career change and don’t have a lot of time for school, then a certified nursing assistant if for you. It’s got fast training and quick schooling that provide a good paying job for a great paying salary that is practicly recession proof.

OK, so lets say your already a certified nursing assistant and need or want to increase the amount of your current income. First, the years of experience is a major part in determining a cna salary. Second, the education is an important factor in increasing your salary. Making yourself in-disposable is the secret, try expanding your education and medical knowledge making you a key person or a more valuable employee for you employer.

After you complete your requirements for your cna certification, try other certifications and training like basic life support training, or certified nursing administration training. These can influence your rate of pay greatly. If you’re interested in moving your career to a nursing degree and becoming a registered nurse, then this is the best place to start. As you can see many things can affect the salary of a cna.

CNA salary increases as experience is gained. The other way to make more money and raise you pay is to go further in the nursing field. Starting as a CNA gets you valuable experience to take with you when you become a LVN or RN.

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