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CNA License so important

Why is obtaining a CNA License so important?

Why is obtaining a CNA License so important?
To be able to work in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant you will need your CNA License. If you are the kind of person that loves helping others then this field is for you. Also if your thinking of getting your registered nursing degree then obtaining your license is a great starting point.

Because a nursing degree can take up to 4 or more years to complete, your CNA License can be obtained in just a few months or less. Many people that are studying or wanting to study for there nursing degrees but are not sure that is the field they want to make a career out of, get there license to be a cna. It is a lot less painful to make a change in your schooling only after 12 weeks of CNA Training VS. 4 years of nursing school that is needed to get your nursing degree.

Now some employers will pay you or reimburse you for your schooling if your studying to become a registered nurse. Some will pay the whole thing while others pay a percentage. Either way most all will require a set number of years of service or term of contract. If you quit or get fired before that time is up you may be have to pay back a percentage of that tuition. Nursing degrees can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 in cost, while a CNA license or certification can costs between $600.00 and $1,200 dollars in as little as 12 weeks.

The advantages to getting your CNA License before you get your nursing degree is that you already have lots of experience in your profession. The best part from going from a CNA to a RN is that you most likely don’t need to look for a job. Your current employer will be happy to promote you from within. Your current medical employer or facility will have opening that they can fill from with in the facility. I’m sure they will be asking you to let them promote you before you even have to ask. Because finding good employee’s that are trying to further there education is just the employee your employers are looking for and happy to keep on for years to come.

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